Repairing & Fixing Others Poor Repair Work

Than Others Attempted To Do and Failed!

General Handyman Repairs Myrtle BeachMichael’s Home Improvement Myrtle Beach, SC has over 40 years of experience in with thousands of very happy satisfied customers. We are experts in knowing what to do in this environment which is entirely different from the Mainland. 75% of the repair work we perform is due to work attempted by known local Contractors, those that think they are Contractors, the “Cheap Guys” that make you think you are getting a great deal and then come in for the kill. Just remember this: they are gone by the time you discover what has happened and you are left with the expense of getting it fixed. If you are hiring a “Contractor” make sure they are local, a “full time Contractor” with a long history of success and their office is not at the local bar. They should have a commercial truck with permanent lettering and the South Carolina License number on it as well as all paperwork, including advertising and Business Cards.

Water penetration causes major structural damage due to faulty workmanship. Each photo is of a different job and contractor. I have many more photos. Do you want this and the black mold in your house just to save a few bucks?

By hiring a local licensed Myrtle Beach contractor you are ​investing in your community.

                “Hi Michael,
                               Just wanted  to drop you a line. Bernie and I have never experienced the top notch craftsmanship like you gave us on our addition. You truly are one in a million of perfection in your work. We were puzzled in the beginning when we tried to rearrange the sequence of what you were doing. We apologize for that and thank you for your guidance. You are truly a Master at what you do. If the customer would just tell you what they want and not … Read more

Laura & BernieMyrtle Beach, SC